It’s 2016 and Progressivism should be alive and well except for one thing, The Rage Against The Machine.

David Owen
September 10, 2016

It’s 2016 and Progressivism should be alive and well. Some of us remember the 1960’s. It was a time of euphoric idealism. Even though the World was not actually great, we thought things were great and that we were headed for an even greater future. 1966. 50 years ago. The sugar cube polio vaccine that we got in school or elsewhere was only invented 5 years before. The computer was in its’ infancy and it had little influence on everyday life. Family members born in the 1800’s were in our homes happily watching Lawrence Welk on the TV. The World War Two “greatest” generation was less than half way through their Allison careers. America was the undisputed King of the Free World. Star Trek debuted on TV.

But Star Trek didn’t even see the machine coming. Star Trek didn’t have the machine in any of its’ shows — didn’t even envision it as a fictional prop. The machine in its’ final form is actually four legs to the same stool. Star Trek did have the first two legs but not the last two. Now, in 2016, all four legs of the machine are invented and going strong, growing exponentially by the day.

Progressivism and the machine are two inseparable peas in a pod. If there is any saving of the World in terms of big problems like global warming, it’s the machine that will have to plan it while we sleep. The machine does many good things. It brings attention to injustices and crimes in close-by as well as far away places.

Progressivism is the benchmark of Unions and collective bargaining, civil rights and all those things that are supposed to improve our lives. Now like a family that has adopted a bear cub, the bear cub has grown up and is destroying the house and its’ inhabitants.

So what is the machine?

As mentioned before, Star Trek didn’t even see the machine coming. The machine in its’ final form is four legs to the same stool. The first leg has been around for awhile. It’s a computer as a stand-alone information processor. This is the classic image of the full room IBM computer with tape wheels spinning.

A classic full room IBM computer was depicted in the 1973 movie Westworld and the movie prophetically depicted and predicted LEGS ONE and TWO and all its’ associated nightmares, leg two being servo integration and advanced robotics. The 1973 movie has recently been reinvented as an HBO TV series.



So now you know LEG ONE of the machine, a computer as a stand-alone information processor,

and LEG TWO of the machine, servo integration and advanced robotics.

Even Star Trek did not predict LEG THREE, the computer network, aka, the internet but now known as the high capability computer network, the ability to build a factory on the other side of the World and also run it from the other side of the World.

LEGS One, Two and Three put together are DESTROYING everything that Unions and collective bargaining were supposed to be supporting. It is destroying American Industrialism.

LEG FOUR is neutral in either supporting or destroying Unions and collective bargaining. Leg Four is Social Media. Star Trek didn’t see that coming just as it didn’t see the internet coming.

By a percentage of at least 80%, the tech community supports the left. The evidence is everywhere on the internet. These are some examples:

Why does Silicon Valley seem to love Democrats and dismiss the GOP?


Tech cash skews to Democrats

It is no surprise that it’s a dead heat between two systems.

On the one hand, you have the left that supports Unions but is the Party of the Machine, and The Machine is destroying American Industrialism.

On the other hand, you have the Right that does not support Unions, but is the Party of The Rage Against The Machine, the Machine that is destroying American Industrialism.