Post number 35, UAW 933, Why are some of the Union leaders retaliating against the ones they are obligated/responsible to represent, is it blind loyalty or just plain being lazy, or lack of leadership?

Robert Boone, UAW 933, February 2015

UAW 933, Why are some of the Union leaders retaliating against the ones they are obligated/responsible to represent, is it blind loyalty or just plain being lazy, or lack of leadership?

Blind Loyalty, Betrayal and/or Self Preservation: “THE SILENCING OF DISSENT”


RECOGNITION CLAUSE. From your current contract Speedway.
(6) Allison will not interfere with, restrain or coerce employees because of membership or lawful activity in the UAW, nor will it by discrimination in respect to hire, tenure of employment or any term or condition of employment, attempt to DISCOURAGE membership in the UAW.

Shouldn’t that language cover me when I utilities contractual rights to file speedup cases and/or any other type of grievance? YES.

Do I really have to put up with harassment from the “they can do that reps” for attempting to defend my contractually rights, under what little contract we have left? Can the union reps legally threaten me to remove post from fb? NO.

AGAIN RECOGNITION CLAUSE. From your current contract Speedway
(7) The UAW agrees that neither the UAW nor its members will intimidate or coerce employees in respect to their right to work or in respect to Union ACTIVITY or membership.

Coerce = force, when a past Presidents attempt to verbally abuse a union activist because he referred to him by name (ALLAN HARRIS) as being a member of the Appendix “L” committee, is, or is not that a true form of force. Would the above language have covered that brother being intimated? YES.

When we decide to talk as members of the free TEE SHIRTS being passed out by the same EX president do we have any legal free speech coverage’s for those conversations? YES.

Have you received your FREE TEE shirt yet? Ever wonder why a defeated APPOINTED EX president would pass out anything especially if it cost HIM? Reckon you should ask for one? Think they are really FREE?????

When we discuss negotiations and show a few shop committee members climbing in and out of SUV’s during times when they should be trying to reach us a fair contract, could that likely be a covered subject under the above language (freedom fo speech)? YES.

Intimidate = to make fearful in my Webster, would love to take an old BOONE poll on just how many of you feel intimidated any time you plead for a rep to assist you with any type of problem. Or have the guts to criticize one for being a “they can do that” type of rep.

Would item number 7’s language cover me when our elected/appointed representatives make moves like claiming our (cell phone cause corporal tunnel damages) when such claims are generated to cause us discipline, or the elimination of phones? YES.

SECTION 38: Each member in good standing of this Local Union has the right to nominate and VOTE, express OPINIONS ON ALL SUBJECTS BEFORE THE LOCAL UNION, to attend all membership meetings and EXPRESS VIEWS, ARGUMENTS AND OPINIONS on all matters and business, INCLUDING CANDIDATES FOR OFFICE, properly before the meeting; to meet and assemble freely with other members and generally, to participate in the activities of the Local Union in a responsible manner consistent with good conscience in order to present and discuss factually and honestly the issues and personalities upon which the membership must base its decisions. These rights shall at all times be subject to the rules of procedure governing meeting and other uniform rules and regulations contained in the lnternational Union, UAW Constitution, bylaws and other official rules of the Local Union.

(79h) In the event a standard HAS NOT BEEN established on a job, an employee who is following the prescribed method and using the tools provided in the proper manner and performing at a NORMAL PACE, WILL NOT BE DISCIPLINED for failure to obtain an expected amount of production on that job. So when a rep is called because one is being worked in an unreasonable manner and/or pace the first order of business should be for him to protect his client by challenging the standard, once challenged the standard is not established.

I know the reps have taken a whopping in some of the posts, many deserve IT. But take a look at why they function in the manner they do today. It’s called the total lack of leadership from the top. Just to get you in the right frame of mind before the point is made less follow this example. You go to work every day, have no BOSS, no leader, and no one cares what you do. No worries about losing your positions, the higher up have for 12 years protected us. For a brief period we MAY do what is in our hearts and do right, but not for long, I bet.

Freedom of speech and assembly, including the right to:
· criticize union officials;
· express any viewpoint at union meetings (subject to REASONABLE rules of conduct);
· distribute literature outside the union hall or inside the hall if members cannot reasonably be reached from outside;
· hold separate meetings without interference from union officials;
I read the above two inserted groups of language, and believe I understand it, then I scavenge up an old copy of a letter the leaders, distribute/endorse/force us to comply with, but not them naturally, and just don’t understand; HOW THEY GET ELECTED INTO OFFICE MUCH LESS REMAIN IN OFFICE FOR YEAR AFTER YEAR? Always love the previews at the movies; this is a sample of a coming post, or preview. Info from a letter/posting concerning our last election. This letter contains such bull shit as “campaigning activity is to be restricted to the exterior of the employee entrances. After a bit of research the post will contain info on how inefficient “they can do that” reps get elected and remain in office term after term. SO STAY TUNED IT COULD POSSIBLE GET EVEN MORE EDUCATIONAL IN THE COMING WEEKS.
By the way if the leadership has complaints about not publishing all the language of the CONTRACT AND BY-LAWS inserts, I believe in lines of demarcation, and to pass out copies of the CONTRACT AND BY-LAWS is their damn job, of which they have also failed at.

Old dad always said:

Son, conversation is the art of telling people a bit less than they want to know.

Leaders should go the extra mile; it’s never a crowed trip.

The milk of human kindness furnishes the cream of society.