Post # 215, UAW 933, Election, or any appeal of any decision, action or penalty. Article 33 UAW 933, 2014 Constitution

Robert Boone, UAW 933, May 12, 2016

UAW 933, Election, or any appeal of any decision, action or penalty.

Private message question from a Speedway unit member.

The question!
What is the process to contest an election? A few members of the election committee are going to contest the entire thing. But their rookies and need guidance. Is this worth our time?

The Answer!
Section 1. WHAT MAY BE APPEALED. Any subordinate body or member thereof shall have the right under this Article to appeal any action, decision, or penalty by any of the following, unless otherwise provided:

Section 3. PROCEDURES AT EACH LEVEL OF APPEAL. This Section specifies the procedures at each level of appeal. In addition, any appeal is subject to the general requirements of Section 4 of this Article. Where this Constitution makes specific provision for alternate procedures, those procedures shall control.

(a) LOCAL UNION. An appeal to the Local Union may be made at a meeting of the membership body, or may be made in writing addressed to the Recording Secretary. When no regularly scheduled meeting of the membership body is held within forty-five (45) days of receipt of the appeal, the Local Union Executive Board may consider and rule on the appeal.

Section 4. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. The following rules,
CONTENTS OF APPEAL. Any appeal should set forth the action or decision being appealed, shall be made in writing, except as otherwise provided for in this Constitution.
The above posted language is taken from our constitution and only covers the basic requirements to submit an appeal. If appealing an issue, I recommend you read the entire ARTICLE 33 of our constitution starting on page 85 and ending on page 94.

I hope this info answers the private message question, PM me on Facebook again if not.